Spotlight: Jonathan and Emily Eastman

Our newest team members are Jonathan and Emily Eastman. They are a great couple from the southeast US. They are ministering in the area around Nazareth, Israel along with the Deebs. They are reaching out to the people of the area with the good news of Jesus.

Field Ambassador Blogs

Below we've put together a list of our field ambassadors who have blogs! Click any of the links to keep updated on how they are helping spread the message of Jesus Christ every day!

Sarah Mondlane
Maputo, Mozambique
Ian Krohn
Maputo, Mozambique
Alexis Hudson
Maputo, Mozambique
Terry and Donna Keith
Costa Rica

The Healing and Creativity Center of this amazing ministry in Israel has been opened
March 2016 - Bezel-El (Under the Shadow of the Almighty)
The Healing and Creativity Center of this amazing ministry has opened in Israel. This beautifully decorated center is designed to facilitate an environment of healing through various venues of creativity. With God’s help this center will allow broken people to heal from their past hurts and live in freedom and forgiveness. Then over time these people will be able to help other broken people break free of their past hurts.

Please click here to check out the latest newsletter of this ministry.

Our Newest Team Member
June 2015 - Leadership Development Center
The Leadership Development Center exists to train the leadership in Mozambican churches. Pastors and leaders who know and proclaim the Word of God will transform many lives in one of the poorest nations of the world. Initial donations to this ministry will be used to provide scholarships for students who cannot afford to attend.

2014 was an Incredible Year!
March 2015 - Abba's Ambassadors
2014 was the eighth year of operation for Abba’s Ambassadors and our loving Father allowed us to do more than ever before. Check out our year-end overview letter to find out more about how God used Abba’s Ambassadors to help reach people with the good news of His great love, and how you can help our field ambassadors continue to do their good work. Read more...

General Fund Support Needed
December 2014 - Abba's Ambassadors
Over the years we have shared some financial information with the people who are part of Abba’s Ambassadors, but it has been somewhat limited. Our books are open to anyone who wants to see them, but we didn’t want to burden people with information that they may not have wanted or needed to see. But over the last year we have come to a place that has led us to want to share with you where things stand with Abba’s Ambassadors from a financial perspective. Read more...