We Support

We team with a diverse group of families and ministries around the world as they strive to share about Jesus Christ.
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We Are

We are a Christian-based non-profit organization that teams together with fellow believers to share about our Abba’s love.
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For Support?

If you are a person or group looking for support, we would love to discuss possibly teaming together.

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Abba’s Ambassadors thanks you for taking the time to visit our website. We are constantly seeking our Father’s desires for this foundation as we strive to find the most efficient and effective ways to reach those that do not yet have a personal relationship with the Father through His son Jesus Christ. As we have started down this incredible journey, it continues to be clear that the best way to share the message of Jesus Christ to the world is for many to get involved. Whether you are a person called to serve in the mission field or a person called to help provide support for those serving, we believe that all of God’s children have an equally important role in His mission. As you visit our website, please consider if this might be a ministry that you want to team with. We welcome any questions, concerns or ideas you might have and look forward to hearing from you as you consider the possibility of teaming with Abba’s Ambassadors.